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Based on impressive new discoveries about the mind-body connection, proven solutions are now available for a host of “real world” problems:

• Anxiety and Stress,
• Fears and Phobias,
• Emotional Traumas and PTSD,
• Grief and Sadness,
• Shame and Frustration,
• Suppressed Anger and Resentment,
• Cravings, and Addictions.

Which of These Are YOU?

“I need to stop OVERTHINKING everything!”
 “I want to know how to prevent extreme ANXIETY. Sometimes I get it over nothing!”
“I’d like to FACE FEARS AS CHALLENGES that I’d love to tackle, instead of spending my day running away from them.”

“I get ANXIOUS when we go round the table to introduce ourselves. I fear I’ll have a shaky voice, and people will know that I’m nervous!”
“I have great difficulties EXPRESSING myself. I can’t break through my paralyzing insecurities.”

“I want to become more CONFIDENT, and less SOCIALLY AWKWARD.”
“I’m extremely successful in business, but I fear TALKING TO WOMEN.”
“My feeling of UNWORTHINESS keeps me from interacting with people, staying in relationships, and pursuing my dreams.”

“My CHILDHOOD was full of negative reinforcements that are hard to ignore.”
“I’d like to let go of NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, feelings, and associations from my past.”
• “I have a PAST that is still HAUNTING me. I’d like to forget everything bad that has happened, and lead a happy, new, more embraced life.”

“I need to overcome my immense fear of big DOGS!”
“I have a fear of HEIGHTS that makes me feel like I’m going to fall.”
“I want to conquer my fear of FLYING, and become a confident traveler.”
“The thought of going to the doctor’s office puts me into severe PANIC.”

“I want to STOP MAKING EXCUSES or putting things off (like going to the gym).”
• “I want to UNBLOCK whatever is stopping me from following my dream.”
“At the peak of success, I SELF-SABOTAGE myself.”

Struggling with Powerful Emotions?

It doesn’t matter how big your problem is, or how long you’ve had it. The strategies in this course are unlike anything you’ve seen before. You’re about to:

  1. Discover a completely new way of dealing with emotional problems.
  2. Vanquish the intensity of anxiety, fears, and traumatic memories.
  3. Confidently pursue your dreams with passion and motivation.

These techniques may be new to you, but there’s a lot of HARD SCIENCE behind them. You’ll learn how these NEW STRATEGIES can be SELF APPLIED. Take the keys and free yourself from the prison of fear and anxiety. Discover how busy professionals just like you are achieving REAL emotional freedom.

  • These techniques often work when nothing else will.
  • They can be learned by anyone.
  • No special equipment is required.

ENROLL TODAY and Become Unstoppable!

What’s Included?

Access to These Video Lessons

Caging a Tiger

A few targeted questions get to the core of any emotional problem. Identify internal conflicts that cause patterns of self sabotage. Skillfully self-evaluate any problem big or small, paving the way for its rapid release.

NLP Rewind Technique

A powerful process to neutralize the intensity of ANY emotionally charged traumatic memory. Works equally well to resolve fears and phobias. Time to experience your first personal breakthrough!

Meridian Tapping 101

Master the RAPID CHANGE “Emotional Freedom Technique” that launched an entire new field of Energy Psychology. Apply this “tapping” strategy to help release ANY type of emotional problem.

"Borrowing Benefits"

Several actual client demonstrations are included in the course lessons. Release the emotional intensity of your own issues while modeling these interactive sessions. Develop mastery through experiential learning.

Secret Language of Emotions

EVERY emotion has a positive intention behind it. Learn to acknowledge the message behind a feeling, then release any emotion that no longer serves you.

Releasing Fears and Phobias

Actual client demonstration reveals how to break ANY problem down into manageable pieces. Become more resourceful in the face of nervousness. 

Anxiety, Panic, and Pain

Step-by-step strategies for healing complex and recurring emotional problems. Break the pattern of recurring fear and live joyfully in the present moment.

Anger Release

Anger is a special type of FEAR that conceals more sensitive emotions beneath the surface. If you’re feeling “stuck,” unresolved anger could be at the root of the problem.

New Behavior Generator

Reprogram your subconscious to create your ideal life. Use the NBG to change habits, enhance abilities, and develop new skills.

“Erick’s techniques got me quickly to the core of some very persistent problems in my life, and gave me the tools to fix them. Get ready to get under the hood of your own mental engine. It's all very positive. You’ll dislodge and fast forward thorough the ‘UN-fun stuff.’ I’m eternally grateful for these strategies.”

— Matt Jackson, Real Estate Investor

“This was an opportunity for me to work through the emotions behind a traumatic event that happened in my childhood. The fear created by this event resulted in awkward social anxiety amongst my own peers. I grew up a very angry teenager. By Module 4, I felt an intense emotional relief. It was like the switch to my inner light had come back on. I believe this course helped me open up to what was lost and provided me the tools to work on the rest. The anticipation of a job interview or meeting new people used to give me horrible anxiety. I’m now able to view these situations as opportunities to get excited about instead of panicking. I’m noticing other changes as well. It’s easier than ever to make new friends and strengthen relationships. I find myself laughing more. I feel lighter and happier like a weight has been lifted.”

— Jolie Andrews, Operating Room RN

“I needed a solution for pain and stress due to a recent surgery paired with a looming project deadline. I had already been disappointed by two failed attempts with pricey therapists in my area. I suffered from layers of fear and anger that were keeping me from doing my best work. My anxiety would ramp up, and I couldn’t see my way out. Erick’s course has been a great program for me. I realized I had very strong emotions connected to an unresolved problem from the distant past, and I was able to set myself free. As a result of taking this course, it’s become easier to talk with my family and friends—open and honest. I’m more relaxed and calm. I’m able to fall asleep easily at night with positive thoughts. Going forward, my stress and fears have been put into perspective. I’m currently using the process in Module 10 to adopt the positive behaviors of my personal role model for success, J.K. Rowling. I now feel that my past struggles will contribute to my future success as an author. I am certainly much happier.”

— Nancy Rewalt, Author

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the course?

The course consists of video modules in a very simple “follow along” format that allows you to master the material very quickly. There is built in repetition of core concepts to ensure that you master the material.

Even with a hectic schedule, you should easily be able to fit in at least one lesson per day at any convenient time.

This Course is experiential and immediately applicable to real life situations, so you’ll start receiving the benefits of this training right away.

There’s no rush! All of the course modules are available immediately, and you may set whatever pace works comfortably for you.

Will I be able to ask questions during the course?

Yes! Comments have been enabled within each course module to allow for active discussion that is topic specific.

Additionally, you’ll be able to submit technical support questions by email.

Will I be able to go back and review previous lessons?

Yes! You’ll have lifetime access to the entire course. Once enrolled, you can login to the the dashboard and access everything 24/7.

Will there be homework?

No tests, and no homework to hand in!

The course does consist of various techniques that you’ll be learning to integrate into your daily life.

Most lessons require your undisturbed focus and attention for several minutes at a time to achieve maximum results.

What are the system requirements?

ANY computer, smartphone, or tablet device will work!

You’ll be watching the lessons in high resolution video. All you need is a device that has a web browser and a decent internet connection.